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Make a difference in 3-8 sessions. Psychodynamic "talk therapy" is costly and may take years. Change the way you feel - quickly.

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At Embodied Emotion, we will assist you in identifying the main causes of anxiety and implement effective change.

All Round Therapy

The processes help you to join the dots between your personal challenges, the conversation, sensations in the body, old memories, and emotions.

Your First Session

These sessions are all about creating safety, based on the principles of “trauma-informed care”. I recognise safety at 3 levels:

  •    -That nothing bad is going to happen to you (literal safety),
  •    -That you feel safe (cognitive/psychological safety), and most importantly
  •    -That your body feels safe (physiological safety). This “visceral sense” or 
  •     “felt sense” of
  •      safety is transformative.
  • We will develop a shared understanding of why you are here and how we can maintain a safe and comfortable space for you. 

Everything else springs from what we have learned about your needs. It’s likely you will sit or lie down for a relaxation exercise and guided meditation, exploring safe and pleasant sensations in your body, maybe including minimal reassuring touch. 

Near the end of the session, I will remind you of the insights you gained through the process, and affirm the qualities I recognise in you. I find that people are able to receive these affirmations deeply, because of their relaxed state and sense of safety.



Stress and anxiety don’t live in the mind, they live in the body, and it’s hard to feel safe when your body is stuck in fight-or-flight. I want to help you:

   -Transform fear into deep compassion and care for


   -Experience greater clarity, and control in your life

   -Own your personal space and build better


   -Find moments of deep relaxation and safety that you

    can evoke in everyday life

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Thank you so very much Hamish for a wonderful session. I must have released a lot of energy untying knots, emotional release too. I even cancelled the osteopath session I had planned! Wish you well in your new endeavour...you'll be great!
I just had the most deeply healing massage of my life last night by Hamish Kempthorne. Gifted intuitive healer.
Hi Hamish, just want to say thank you for your work, your respect and sincerity made it an experience for me. My body, 2 days later, is still thankful.
Sciatica client
Hamish spent time listening to what was current in my emotional stream. He invited me to become conscious of my bodily sensations and to keep an awareness of these whilst continuing to explore the emotions. Almost imperceptibly the bodywork started. At all times I felt safe and so keen to be witnessed in my vulnerability. Hamish was intuitive in his touch. So, my sacroiliac pain referred, no doubt, from my reproductive structures, he met with massage in the lower abdomen. This triggered memories of dreams. I was relieved he had 'found' issues I hadn't been able to put words to. I experienced deep, familiar and old emotions. Hamish's variety of approach and touch put me into a state of sublime relaxation. As a GP, I recognize the potential his work has for many people. On a personal level, I cannot think of a better way to feel whole again

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Embodied Emotion offers somatic counselling and psychotherapeutic massage for anyone into personal development or self-discovery.
Embodiment and body-awareness is a way to gain insight into subconscious processes that rule your life. This work is especially effective for managing anxiety and trauma.
@  hamish.kempthorne@gmail.com
*    6 Melrose Rd East, Hillsborough, Auckland


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