Individual Therapy
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Single Women

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Find Confidence to Date Again 

Have Fun Meeting People

You should be able to have fun dating & getting know new people in your life.

Feel Lovable

Feel safe and comfortable expressing your true self.

Connect Authentically With Confidence

Find confidence & love for yourself to be able to take the leap into something new.

Maintain Your Dignity

Once again find that power, and identity within a relationship.

Your First Session

I’ve been blessed with a warm and open disposition – it’s easy for me to find rapport, offer kindness, and genuinely like the people I meet. People feel good around me. This therapeutic relationship sets a baseline for what you can expect (and should demand) from a romantic relationship.

The setting, and the work will create for you a “lived experience” of feeling accepted, comfortable, and safe in the presence of a stranger. As the conversation moves to deeper issues – like your fears, life challenges, and insecurities – you will continue to feel affirmed. It will set up a new pattern of confidence and feeling validated. You will see your true self, reflected in the people you meet… people who like you because of who you are!

The strong intention with this work is to create an island of safety and gradually extend it out into your world. The best way is to show deep kindness and patience with yourself, and communicate your feelings as they arise so I can help you find a place of deep safety in-session.

Beforehand, try noticing any small thing that helps you feel lighter, or brings comfort. I don’t recommend challenging yourself, trying to figure things out, or pushing to achieve something. Give yourself a wee holiday beforehand and the session work will flow more easily.


Eureka! Hamish thank you so much for last night I so enjoyed the connection that time became irrelevant. This morning it all became clear to me (with all that has gone on with my past and especially with the relationships I have had) that I didn't feel worthy of love. Phew what a eureka moment I felt this morning after a very revealing dream, and understanding my part in all of this. So yes you did help so much to get me to this understanding. I now know what I need to do: look for ways to love myself unconditionally and do it daily with love from love and KNOW that I am worthy. I have tears of joy in my eyes and a very special hug in my heart for you (a very special person who has amazed me with the love and care that you have - I can only continue to thank profusely). I can't thank you enough for what I feel.
Valerie Kelly

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Embodied Emotion offers somatic counselling and psychotherapeutic massage for anyone into personal development or self-discovery. Embodiment and body-awareness is a way to gain insight into subconscious processes that rule your life. This work is especially effective for managing anxiety and trauma.
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