I consider every session to be a therapeutic process in which the client’s greatest good is paramount. To this end, I work within the following code of practice:

  1. I will respect and attend to, in every way possible, your sense of safety, personal sovereignty, and choice.
  2. I will present a range of options toward a therapeutic goal, including oil massage, fully clothed massage, non-contact embodied practice, and options to increase or reduce the emotional intensity of the process .
  3. If strong emotion arises during the session, I will stay present with you until it resolves.
  4. I invite you to have a close friend or partner present if it supports your feeling of safety.
  5. I will respect, defend, and preserve the privacy of all personal information.
  6. I will not seek gratification of my own personal needs, including self-importance, influence, emotional or sexual connection.
  7. I will not exploit the client for financial, professional, or research purposes.
  8. I engage in regular peer support, supervision, and professional development to maintain the highest possible standard of care. The client’s identity will be protected through this process.
  9. Clear communication of intentions, needs, fears, and boundaries is central to this type of work. I will support you in developing these skills throughout the process.

I endeavor to meet you at your point of need, and will support you through any emotional process within my expertise and ethical practice. This work can complement (but is not a substitute for) psychotherapeutic approaches to anxiety, depression, physical / emotional / sexual trauma, dissociation, and relationships.

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