Mind and Body


If you are feeling stuck in any way, this is a great way to get moving again – the simple act of doing something new will bring change. Embodied therapies are a great way to find personal insights because they offer an alternative to our circular head-thinking – the body is closer to our intuitive, emotional self.

Sessions start with a conversation - for me to understand your needs, and for you to feel at ease and confident. The massage is based on Swedish technique but it's focussed on releasing nervous energy rather than muscular tension. Therapeutic dialogue continues into the massage, giving way to stillness, and intuitive quality of touch over two hours.

The magic of this work is that it brings a sense of calm and safety to the bodymind. Most of our triggers in life are emotional, not rational. Quietening the body's nervous energy can reduce the emotional charge of our past and present.

Sessions cost $150 for a minimum of two hours.

If you’re a new client, I invite you to visit so you can understand how I work, how that feels, and whether this process is right for you. It’s free and without obligation.


November 24, 2016

“Eureka Hamish,I so enjoyed the intimacy that time became irrelevant and this morning it all became clear to me with all that has gone on with my past, especially with the relationships I have had, that I didn't feel worthy of love. Phew what a eureka moment I felt this morning after a very revealing dream and understanding my part in all of this. You helped so much to get me to this understanding. I have tears of joy in my eyes and a very special hug in my heart for you (a very special person who has amazed me with the love and care that you have - I can only continue to thank profusely)"I can't thank you enough for what I feel.”

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